Jerry Goldman NYU Alumni Awards 2018

Contributing my play to the GoTag is one of the most amazing and special experiences I have ever had from a spiritual, theatrical and personal point of view. It definitively marked me.
~ Adonia Gonzalez, Havana, Cuba

I will never forget the amazing experience with GoTag. I met the top playwrites of the industry, and upon hearing their great seminars my entire thought about writing plot (and even life!) changed.
~ Mi Jung Kim, Seoul, Korea

Thank you soooooo much for this great opportunity to staging my play. I’ve already started missing all the actors and other team members involved…
~ Shihping Chiu, Taipei, Taiwan

I’ve been able to study with some of the world’s best directors - thanks to the GoTag Seminars. I will definitely take this experience as part of my life long learning. The friendships I have formed here have been invaluable.
~ Patricia Raymond, Sydney, Australia

I thank our Lord for this unforgettable time we have shared, producing my play… Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
~ Erika Rojas, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for giving me the chance to experience one of my best weeks in my life. Thank you for making my dream of staging my play come true.
~ Alexandra Tchobanov, Sofia, Bulgaria

I was very honored to have instructions from so many great playwrites and it woke me up spiritually and mentally. I appreciated such a nice group of people and the opportunity to present my play to the world.GoTag got me back on the track and I am so grateful… Thank you! Thank you so much!
~ Roger Park, Queens, NY

Is was so inspiring to be part of a group of people who all shared such a passion for theater. O'Neill's Film and Theater Foundation is heaven for anyone aspiring to be a great playwriter.
~ Christina McFarland, Princeton, NJ

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