Set during the turbulent 1960’s, in segregated Alabama and based on a lamentably sadistic racist incident in American history--an aging eccentric actress is phantasmagorically transported to her past as she relives the tyranny unleashed by a perverted, merciless white supremacist family; witnessing the clan raging a vengeful retaliation upon her ill-fated love affair with a poetic African American civil rights advocate.

Used and Borrowed Time, alludes to the surreal yet pained precious moments in the life of two lovers who were mercilessly bullwhipped by white supremacists in a torn and tattered Birmingham, Alabama, at the heart of the brimming Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s. While an interracial love-affair is at center stage of my film; there exists a concentration on the meaning of the past in the future tense, on sacred memories, on ebbing moods and on the folly of faltering lost hearts. The main theme of this film may be stated thus: while a white supremacist back-woodsmen clan unleashes war upon an unsuspecting young couple in love; religion sits judgmental upon its high throne, casting the might of pseudo righteousness upon pure earthly yet ethereal desire. As self-proclaimed White Aryan Americans leaning on the alt-right as a prophetic crutch capture the bold protagonists on Christmas Eve and hold them hostage; this broken warped medley of a family, (a metaphor for a warped American dream), emerges as the “holy of holies,” while unveiling a scheme of perverse atrocities which culminate in a cacophony of deep-throated tragedies.

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