February 3, 2021

Enumerated Film Festival Awards: Used and Borrowed Time

Sophia Romma receives her Recognition Aword

Garden of the Avant-Garde Film and Theatrical Foundation is pleased to announce the latest news, hot off the press! Our art-house feature film may just be deemed a cult classic. Hence, we extend a hearty congratulations to our steadfast and talented production team, our intrepid Executive Producer, Dr. Renee Lekach and esteemed Producer, Sergio Voronin (Reval Film, Estonia), cast and crew for receiving such prestigious awards for Best Indie Film, Best Experimental Film, Best Drama, Best Social Justice/Racial Justice/Religious Freedom/Women’s Liberation Film and Fantasy Film, among many other meaningful cinematic awards. We are humbled and honored to receive the following recognition and accolades from such globally eclectic film festivals:

  1. Tagore International Film Festival (Best Experimental Film, Best Narrative Feature, Winner for Best Post-Modern Film, Free Speech Award of Recognition/Liberation/Social Justice, Outstanding Achievement Award)
  2. Vegas Movie Awards (Best Indie Feature, Best Fantasy, Best Experimental Film, and Best Director)
  3. Screen Power Film Festival (Best First-Time Filmmaker)
  4. 7th Art Independent International Film Festival (Award of Excellence and Creativity and Best Producer)
  5. Varese International Film Festival (Best Feature Film)
  6. Kosice International Monthly Film Festival (Awards received: Best Experimental Film, Second Best Feature Film, and Honorable Mention Director Feature Film)
  7. Creation International Film Festival (Best Produced Screenplay Feature, Best Ensemble Cast Feature, Best Supporting Actor - Clas Duncan, Judge's Choice Best Supporting Actor - Grant Morenz)
  8. Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes (Honorable Mention)
  9. Druk International Film Festival (Outstanding Achievement for Debut Filmmaking, Outstanding Achievement in Experimental Film and Outstanding Achievement in Female Filmmaking)
  10. Tripvill International Film Festival (Best Post-Modern Film)
  11. Cult Critic Movie Awards (Outstanding Achievement Award in Best Female Feature Film, Outstanding Achievement Award in Experimental Filmmaking, Outstanding Achievement in Cult Filmmaking)
  12. New York International Film Awards - NYIFA (Best Feature Film, Best Indie Feature, Best Experimental Film, Best Drama, Best Social Justice Film, Best Main Theme)
  13. L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival (Outstanding Achievement Award for Free Speech, Best Experimental Film, Best Women Filmmaker, Best Director and Best Narrative Feature)
  14. Silk Road Film Awards (Best Indie Film)
  15. Best Actor Award - New York (Best Ensemble Silver Award)
  16. Oniros Film Awards® - New York (Best Indie Feature, Best Screenplay, Best Social Justice Film, Finalist For Best Experimental Feature, Finalist for Best Original Story)
  17. Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest (Best Feature)
  18. Luleå International Film Festival (Best First-Time Director and Best LGBT Feature)
  19. Eastern Europe Film Festival (Best Screenwriting)
  20. Vyre Film Festival 2020 (Best International Feature Film)
  21. Chauri Chaura International Film Festival (Best Director)
  22. The IndieFEST Film Awards (Award of Recognition for Best Experimental Film Feature, Best Jewish Feature Film, Best LGBTQ Film, Best Liberation/Social Justice Feature, Best Protest Feature Film, and Best Female Filmmaker)
  23. Eastern Europe International Movie Awards (Honorable Mention for Best Original Story, Bronze Medal for Best Experimental Feature Film and Bronze Medal for First-Time Female Director)
  24. Sicily Independent Film Awards (Best Experimental Feature)
  25. WRPN Women's International Film Festival (Best Docu-Drama Feature and Best Director)
  26. K Asif Chambal International Film Festival (Best Feature Film)
  27. World Distribution Award (Best Fantasy Feature)
  28. Cult Valley Global CineFest (Best Post-Modern Film)
  29. Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift (Best Experimental Feature)
  30. Barcelona Planet Film Festival (Best Woman Director)
  31. Buddha International Film Festival (Best Indie Feature and Second Best Foreign Language Film)
  32. US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Award (Special Achievement Award - Sophia Romma)
  33. Milan IFF 2021 (Best Cinematography in a Feature Film, Best Supporting Actress - Maureen O'Connor, Best Lead Actress - Cam Kornman, Best Director)
  34. Accolade Global Film Competition (Award of Recognition for Best Experimental/Liberation/Social Justice/Protest Feature and Award of Recognition for Best Female Filmmaker)
  35. Festigious Los Angeles - Monthly Film Competition (Best Indie Feature)
  36. Silver State Film Festival (Best Editing for Feature Film, Arthur Karaulov and Sergio Voronin)
  37. Madrid Beer Film Festival (Best Narrative Feature Film)
  38. International Film Festival of Sriganganagar-India (Best Feature Fiction Film, Best Actress--Cam Korman)
  39. Queen Palm International Film Festival (Best Feature Film Drama)
  40. Five Continents International Film Festival (Award of Recognition--Best Independent Feature Film, Best Female Director Feature Film, Best Art Direction Feature Film, Best Editing, Best Sound Design Feature, Best Vfx, Best Mention Lead Actress--Maureen O'Connor, Special Mention Cinematography--Uladzimir Taukachou)
  41. 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (Best LGBTQ + Narrative Feature and Best First-Time Filmmaker)
  42. AIFF Agropoli International Film Festival (Best Feature Film)
  43. American Filmatic Arts Awards (Best Experimental Feature, Sophia Romma)
  44. Kalakari Film Festival (Best Trailer)
  45. Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival (Winner of Best Experimental Film)
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