May 17, 2021

Press Photos from World Premier of Used and Borrowed Time at The Quad!

“Used and Borrowed Time,” is written and directed by Sophia Romma, is a non-conformist psychological thriller set in Birmingham, Alabama, both today and in the turbulent 1960’s. A blind, elderly Jewish woman recalls her ill-fated love affair with a Black civil rights activist during the civil rights upheaval of the Sixties. She is phantasmagorically transported to her past, reliving the tyranny unleashed upon her and her young African American lover by a merciless white supremacist family.
T2C was on the red carpet at the premier

The film has a myriad of theatrical touches, notably its dialogue, which is partly written in Quantum Verse. This is a style that runs through Ms. Romma’s stage works. It derives from the question, “How real is the universe?” and the notion that it may contain parallel dialogues, a simple one and a metaphysical one.

Duncan and friend Photo by Magda Katz.
Cinematographer – Uladzimir Taukachou Photo by Magda Katz.
Marshall Bonny, Maureen O’Connor, Sophia Romma, Ox King, Grant Morenz Photo by Gerry Goodstein
Sophia Romma and Queen Ilise Photo byGerry Goodstein
Misha Petrov Photo by Magda Katz.
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