November 3, 2012

Tales of Coming to America Take the Spotlight as Cabaret Emigre Opens Off-Broadway

Sophia Romma’s Cabaret Emigre officially opens off-Broadway on November 3. Directed by Charles Weldon and presented by the Negro Ensemble Company, this unique theatrical event will continue at the the Lion Theatre at Theatre Row through November 18.

Cabaret Emigre tells the tale of transient dislocated Meshuggah souls from all walks of life. Their testimonials are told as cabaret acts by a collection of emigres who are primarily Russian Jews, but also include emigres from Latin America and Africa. Shattering the nostalgic prism of their Eastern European, African and Latino past, the stories etch deep wrinkles on America’s complex, brutally demanding turf of pseudo-liberty.

Cabaret Emigre features Ariana Sananes, Carolyn Seiff, Allan Mirchin, Randy Schein, Walter Krochmal, Tosh Marks, Grant Morenz, Gwenevere Sisco, Dana Pelevine, Bettina Bennett and DeLance Minefee.

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