November 13, 2007

The Past is Still Ahead at Cherry Lane (New York Theater Guide)

Sophia Romma's The Past is Still Ahead, based on a monologue by Israeli playwright Oded Be'eri, will play at Cherry Lane's Studio Theatre from 6 - 15 Dec 2007.

An English-speaking troupe drawn from Moscow's Mayakovsky Academic Art Theatre will perform The Past is Still Ahead a five-character play about Marina Tsvetaeva, Soviet Russia's most famous poet.

The Past is Still Ahead is set in Marina Tsvetaeva last days in 1941, the play is an unfolding series of reflections on her life and a testament to all who suffer great loss under prejudice and oppressive regimes. The play is not specifically about her poetry, nor is it biographical. Rather it spins off the shards of the poet's shattered, dramatic life as it was destroyed by a tumultuous period in Russia's history.

Directed by Francois Rochaix and Sophia Romma, The Past is Still Ahead features Yelena RomanovaAlexander RapoportInna LeytushCharles SprinkleQueen BeeYulia FrenkelHelen Fousteris and Veronica Mitina.

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