June 6, 2021

What Critics Buzz about:

Claus Mueller:  (New York Correspondent at M21Entertainment, Paris, France)"Though I liked the film I did not cover it for our digital publications now reaching more than 200.000 international media professionals., The distribution parameter is too narrow even in the relatively small art / political film market. If the film had been edited down to the essentials it would have a better chance, but it was too loaded with interesting but secondary elements."

Amy Taubin: (Indie Wire, Sound and Sound Movie Magazine): Lot's of ambitious ideas..."

Gerald Wright Film Showcase: "This overall ensemble performance is brilliant and hits its mark.  The impeccable staging on screen shows that the actors throw themselves into their roles.  This is a unique means in cinema production, as it is a plot-driven presentation, portraying realistic characters, settings, life situations, and stories involving intense character development and interaction.  However, there is a sense of this being epic by way of its historical value as it covers an expanse of time." 

MARK SAVITT:  "The continuation of Racism and Anti-Semitism is a theme worth exploring,  The script is as subtle as a sledge hammer and the action is grotesque.  The actors are all especially fine at creating their expressively iconic roles. Many of them have much experience as stage performers and this contributed to the richness of their work. Ms Romma can get fine performances from her troup, especially Cam Kornman and Maureen O'Connor. I know we all tend to overeat, especially around Christmas Time." 

Beate Hein Bennett New York Theater Wire: "Sophia Romma creates a multi-dimensional microcosm in this film. An actual tragic event that happened in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s during the height of the civil rights struggle is the basis for the central plot: a fatal love encounter between a blind Jewish girl and a black young man. White racist intolerance and laws against any mixed race relations in the Southern US had reached a fever pitch of hatred, and murderous vigilante actions had become an all too common occurrence." 

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