May 21, 2009
Passport Moscow: The Past is Still Ahead

On May 21, the Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow presented an outstanding cross-cultural event. A searing play about Marina Tsvetaeva, one of Russia’s most intense and uncompromising poets, who was very Russian and international herself was performed. Tsvetaeva spent much time abroad and spoke several languages. The Past Is Still Ahead premiered at the legendary Mayakovsky […]

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July 15, 2008
The Jewish Community Center (JCC Manhattan) presents The Past Is Still Ahead

The JCC of Manhattan Presents Sophia Romma's stage-play, "The Past Is Still Ahead" sponsored by the JCC and Zabar's, circa January, 2008. The production highlights the unconventional life of the exiled Soviet Poetess, Marina Tsvetaeva as she converses with the late great poets of our time.

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July 6, 2008
Pushkin House in London, UK presents The Past Is Still Ahead, circa July, 2008

Inna Bodner and The Pushkin House in London, United Kingdom, presents Sophia Romma's internationally heralded play, "The Past Is Still Ahead," which toured the United Kingdom and Ireland. The play depicts the tumultuous life of one of Soviet Russia's most notoriously infamous poet's, Marina Tsvetaeva for whom constellations are named.

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July 5, 2008
The New Yorkers (Interview with Sophia Romma, 2008)

Sophia Romma recounts the intimate moments in the life of an Off-off Broadway Playwright and Theatre Director, working in the realm of experimental theatre as she states that she is the "Ed Wood" of the theatre world.

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April 11, 2008
The Past Is Still Ahead (Cherry Lane Theater)
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December 11, 2007
For Tortured Russian Poet, a Life of Drama and Despair (New York Times Review)

The Russian poet Marina Tsvetayeva endured and indulged in a life of high drama. One of her young daughters died of starvation during the famine that followed the Russian Revolution. A lover of both men and women, she followed her White Russian husband into exile in Europe, then returned after he was accused of changing […]

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November 13, 2007
The Past is Still Ahead at Cherry Lane (New York Theater Guide)

Sophia Romma's The Past is Still Ahead, based on a monologue by Israeli playwright Oded Be'eri, will play at Cherry Lane's Studio Theatre from 6 - 15 Dec 2007. An English-speaking troupe drawn from Moscow's Mayakovsky Academic Art Theatre will perform The Past is Still Ahead a five-character play about Marina Tsvetaeva, Soviet Russia's most famous poet. The […]

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July 15, 2007
The Mayakovski Academic Art Theatre Presents The Past Is Still Ahead

The Mayakovski Academic Art Theatre's main stage production of The Past Is Still Ahead, penned by Sophia Romma, directed by Francois Rochaix and Yuri Joffe, premiered in April of 2007. The award-winning international play exposes the turbulent symphonic life of exiled poet, Marina Tsvetaeva.

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July 7, 2007
RTVI Interview with Actress Yelena Romanova

Victor Toppaler (for RTVI) interviews the celebrated award-winning actress, Yelena Romanova, of the Mayakovski Academic Art Theatre in Moscow as she speaks about her upcoming production of the internationally acclaimed play, "The Past Is Still Ahead" at the Cherry Lane Theatre, written and directed by Sophia Romma.

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June 26, 2007
The Past Is Still Ahead (Cinematic Excerpt from Cherry Lane Theater)

This cinematic excerpt from the play, The Past Is Still Ahead, pays homage to Soviet Avant-Garde, penned by Sophia Romma and directed by Sergey Levchin. The play was produced at the Cherry Lane Theater (circa 2007).

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