December 11, 2020

Film has its own language and Dr. Sophia Romma can speak that language in spades. This film is a true experiment with phantasma coupled with neo-realism. USED AND BORROWED TIME appears to depict magic realism with the wave of a wand that leaves its mark upon the history of cinema. The narrative of the film […]

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December 10, 2020
‘Used and Borrowed Time’: A time travel movie directed by Sophia Romma

Used and Borrowed Time is a 2020 film about an aging actress who is magically returned to the year 1965 in segregated Alabama. Once there she is forced to relive the horrible events created by a violent and merciless white supremacist family due to her love affair with a well spoken African American civil rights advocate, […]

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December 8, 2020
New York Movie Awards Review of Used and Borrowed Time

Experienced author and director Sophia Romma told us a very contemporary and touching story in her experimental feature film USED AND BORROWED TIME. The story is about Eva Gold’s life  (present and past) and about her journey in a racist reality that persecuted her whole life, especially her love story with an African American guy […]

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